Friday, July 27, 2012

INSPIRATION... all around me...sights & sounds.  But I have to confess I am most excited by those things that I see in black & white.  When I pass by a store for instance, it is usually the Bold black & white images that grab my attention...don't get me wrong I love color, but the simplicity of  black & white is stunning.  Hence the reason for my B & W blog...all that is posted here is about those 2 colors.  Today I bring you some fabulous treats...all B & W of course!


  1. this is why I need to have several houses, I would love to have a B&W house, a pink house, another pink house, a shabby chic house, a Frank Lloyd Wright House, an old Victorian, a new see where I'm going with this?

  2. CHRIS...yes I hear ya...and totally agree! So how are you? We're coming to your area to look for homes in how do you like it there so far? DEIDRE